Kilcoy Pastoral Company

Sencova and Spaceframe Buildings have worked together to provide Kilcoy Pastoral Company with their modern facility at Kilcoy. Since the first stage in 2007 till now, the facility has been a five-staged ongoing expansion with Sencova providing all the fabricated steel – 522.0 tonnes of fabricated steel for their latest stage.

CompletedJuly 2017Surface Area522.0 tonnesLocationKilcoy, Queensland

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Sencova has been built around a culture of dedicated craftsmanship. An unwavering resolve to deliver quality, safety and performance. Some might call it an attitude, an attitude that means everything we do is *made sure.

Everything we produce is built with absolute precision. We focus on getting the details right to create reliable, heavy-duty outcomes for our clients.

That’s why Sencova* is the trusted force behind some of Australia’s largest projects.

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