We excited to announce that Sencova* have been officially selected to take part in Ipswich City Council’s Operation Scale-Up 2021 – a pilot program aimed at supporting businesses to become defence industry ready.

The program features mentoring from defence industry leaders such as Rheinmetall, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Airbus and more.

Operation Scale Up is the first of its kind in Australia being offered by a local government, and we are excited to be one of South East Queensland’s top 24 small and medium-sized enterprises to be included in the inaugural event.

Developed by Ipswich City Council, this cohort-based defence industry capacity building program will enable the Sencova team to gain in-depth insight into defence opportunities, evaluate gaps in our current workflows and scale up our operations to become defence supply chain ready!

Operation Scale Up is an initiative proudly supported by the City of Ipswich Defence Industry Development and Attraction Committee (CICIDAC), the Department of Defence, Queensland Government and AIDN Qld.

Represented by Gavin Pratt (Contracts Administrator/Estimator), Sencova* are honoured to have the opportunity to be mentored by Northrop Grumman Australia – a multinational aerospace and defence technology company.

Over the course of three months, Gavin will receive one-on-one mentoring from a mentor from Northrop Grumman Australia.

For more information on Operation Scale Up, read Defence Ipswich’s brochure here , Defence Ipswich Action Plan or visit the Defence Ipswich Website.