Client: Damen Services Brisbane

Project: Sonar Gondola for Sub Sea Exploration

Late last year, Sencova* were approached to work on an Australian first project!

This Sonar Gondola is only 1 of 3 units of it’s type being used in Australian waters at the time of fabrication, and the ONLY Gondola unit of it’s type being built in Australia at the time of fabrication for our client.

Attached to an expedition vessel, this unit was fitted with $1.25 Million Dollars worth of Sonar Equipment to be used across the world on a variety of exciting journeys.

Project Statistics

Man Hours: 1,580

Total Weight of the Gondola: 11.4 tonnes

Elements: 250 individual items to assemble and weld

Job Facts:

  • Pressure tested ballast compartments
  • Stringent tolerances of plus or minus 2mm for all sonar mount rings, Transducer casings and Multibeam Echosounder casings
  • Completed on time, within budget and to the complete satisfaction of the client
  • Site fitted to the ship by a third party with no recorded issues

Download the Case Study here.